The success of your company’s Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 4.0 implementation is dependent on the quality of your customer data. Many customers need help getting data out of their legacy Goldmine system.

GoldMine to Microsoft CRM Migration/Conversion

Export GoldMine data
Our Microsoft CRM Migration Consultants will export your data to comma-separated values (CSV) files, with data for each type of record in a separate file.

Data Mapping
Each column will be mapped in each of your source files to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and also do the actual migration.

Migrate Test Data
Prepare a small number of test records, and and migrate the data using the data mappings. During this stage, our MS CMR Migration Professionals will identify any changes your source data may need to make (i.e. validation or conversion) to your source data and to Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that the data is migrated correctly. We will identify potential issues that may need to be  addressed.  After the test migration is successful,  all migrated test data will be deleted.

Migrate all data
Once the test data migrates successfully, and required corrections were made your source data map and to your data, we're ready to migrate your entire data set

We offer data migration services for companies migrating from Goldmine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Some of the difficulties that may be encountered when migrating your legacy Goldmine system to your new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 system are:

  • Goldmine uses obscure character strings for their Primary Keys. In order be able to map the source Goldmine records with the new target records in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system a mapping table that stores the associations between them is required.
  • The GoldMineToCDFMapping.xls file file may not be entirely accurate for your implementation and an index table may need to be created to handle the conversion.
  • GoldMine stores additional contacts outside the Contact1 and Contact2 tables, which needs to be addressed by normalizing the data.
  • Goldmine data tables contain several different types of information and entries which belong in the Notes section in Microsoft CRM Dynamics 4.0 and will need to be normalized prior to migrating.
  • Several fields in Goldmine do not translate directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
  • There are known migration issues with contact e-mail addresses.
  • Type of Contact values need to be separated out before migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
About our GoldMine to MS Dynamics CRM Migration Experts
Engage with GoldMine to Microsoft CRM Migration Consultants for your Data Migration needs. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with vast experience in migrating data from other CRM applications into Microsoft CRM. Contact us to find out how our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration Experts can meet your company’s unique data migration needs.
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