As Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 2011 has just been released, many customers have implemented previous versions of CRM and need to upgrade.   Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 3.0 and 4.0 can be upgraded to Version 2011 in both a single server and multiple server environment. 

Diagnosis Stage
Our Microsoft CRM Upgrade Consultants will determine if your Microsoft CRM 3.0 or 4.0 installation can be upgraded to Microsoft CRM 2011 and will create a diagnosis report that indicates whether your Microsoft CRM implementation can be upgraded to Microsoft CRM 2011 directly, and if not, lists any problems that will need to be fixed before the upgrade.

Back up your production CRM Server
Our certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade Experts will back up the existing CRM database before adding a customization or moving to a new version of CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 1.2 upgrade to 4

Export all customizations and workflows
If the customizations made to your Microsoft CRM environment were supported by Microsoft, then they should all be intact after the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 2011.  There are some instances were customizations break during the upgrade and need to be reconfigured.  Additionally, any ISV products installed on the Microsoft CRM Version server will not work in version 2011. 

Run CRM Installation

During the upgrade, your entire environment will be touched, including: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, Exchange Router, Active Directory, SQL Database, Reports, Outlooks clients and if necessary the operating system on the server.

Import customizations
Load customizations and workflows in CRM Server installation.

Test installation and Appy rollups
Once the final upgrade is completed, our MS CRM Upgrade Consultants will run through a variety of test cases to make sure everything is working as you expected.

About our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade Experts
When you engage with MyCRM Upgrade Consultants, you can resta asure they will effectively upgrade your MS Dynmics CRM Server. fter having upgraded countless CRM Servers, our upgrade consultants know where the pitfalls are. 
Contact us today to let us help you with planning, managing and executing the upgrade of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation.