Stress Testing of Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 4.0 implementations is to evaluate performance for anticipated growth.  OurMicrosoft CRM consultants are certified on the product and have years of hand-on real-world experience helping ensure that our enterprise client CRM solutions scale.

Reasons for Performance & Stress Testing
  • Stress testing is particularly important for "mission critical" software by testing beyond the limits of normal operation.
  • Check you CRM Server for robustness, availability, and error handling under a heavy load, than on what would be considered correct behavior under normal circumstances.
  • Customers may use the Dynamics CRM on computers that have significantly fewer computational resources (such as memory or disk space) than the computers used for testing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance Stress Experts

Performance and Stress Testing Steps
  • Identify key scenario(s). Identify the application scenario or cases that need to be stress tested to identify potential problems.
  • Identify workload. Identify the workload that you want to apply to the scenarios identified earlier. This is based on the workload and peak load capacity inputs.
  • Identify the metrics. Identify the metrics that you want to collect about the application. Base these metrics on the potential problems identified for the scenarios you identified earlier.
  • Create test cases. Create the test cases where you define steps for running a single test and your expected results.
  • Simulate load. Use test tools to simulate the required load for each test case and capture the metric data results.
  • Analyze the results. Analyze the metric data captured during the test.

 Our Performance and Stress Testing Experts will check the following levels:

  • Application Level. Our CRM Performance & Stress Experts will use profilers to spot inefficiencies in code
  • Database Level. CRM Consultants will colaborate with your DBAs to use database-specific profilers and query optimizers.
  • Operating System Level. Our CRM Stress Testing Consultants will work with your system engineers to use utilities to monitor hardware resources such as CPU, memory, swap, disk I/O; specialized kernel monitoring software can also be used.
  • Network Level. Your network engineers and our CRM Professionals will use packet sniffers and network protocol analyzers and various network utilities.

Performance and stress testing a server is not a simple task. Even using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit, it requires knowledgeable professionals who can:

  • Gather dataset and workload requirements
  • Establish a repeatable performance benchmark
  • Identify and address Dynamcis CRM product limits under stress
  • Evaluate underlying causes related to the Operating System or Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Build the CRM application using development tools
This activity, while complex, may prevent added expense if a performance or scalability design is discovered late in the implementation process.

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