The Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 4.0 hosted solution is built on the same code base as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Professional Edition. Hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to customize the user interface, on-line or off-line usage, and flexible solutions and deployment options.

When looking to host Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are a few things to consider:

Q: Will you be hosting your Exchange, or just Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 4.0?
A: If you just host Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then connecting to your on-site Exchange server can get expensive.

Q: Does your IT Team have time to manage the Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment?
A: If you do not have a dedicated IT Team, or your IT Team is overloaded hosting may be a great option for you.

Microsoft CRM Live provides businesses with a Microsoft-hosted CRM system, and is available throughout the United States and Canada. Dynamics CRM Live is designed with the same code base as the on-premise or partner-hosted solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Unlike other hosted CRM systems, CRM Live customers have the option of upgrading their deployment model when their needs or requirements change. This is quite an advantage for growing businesses. Additionally, Microsoft's hosted CRM solution is significantly less expensive than other hosted CRM solutions, such as

Microsoft now provides a web-based hosted CRM they brand as CRM Live. CRM Live can be accessed via Outlook or a Web browser and offers rich configuration and customization capabilities. CRM Live is temporarily completely free of charge from Microsoft and signup is only availabe from Microsoft Partners.

Once Microsoft ends their free period, CRM Live Professional Edition will be priced at $39/user/month, and includes the online Sales, Service and Marketing business suite as well as point-and-click system and workflow customization.

The CRM Live Enterprise Edition will be priced at $59/user/month, and includes all features available in the Professional Edition, as well as additional system customization and integration, and offline data access and synchronization.

A trained partner, such as Miles Consulting Corp, is required to enroll customers in Microsoft Hosted CRM Live. Enrollment is a 2 minute process that can occur over the phone. It does require a credit card, but Microsoft will not charge the card until the free trial period has ended. Customers can cancel their use of CRM Live prior charges being made on their card.

If you have any questions about Microsoft CRM Live or would like to be enrolled contact us today!

CRM Live Professional Professional Plus
Storage 5 GB 20 GB
Security-enchanced Access Windows Live ID Windows Live ID
Clients Outlook, Web Outlook, Web and Offline
Features Sales, Services, Marketing, Workflow and System Customization Professional features, plus: Offline Synchronization, Additional Customization and Additional Workflow rules
Customer Support Included Included
Training Services Included Included
Integration Web Services SDK Web Services SDK & Offline Data SDK