Microsoft did a great job creating Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM Version 4.0.  The product was designed with a generic form and field layout.  This generic layout solves 90% of most business needs; basic things like names, websites, and address information.


To take the product a step farther, it can be easily customized with additional fields, a sales process and workflow rules. Our MS Dynamics CRM Custom Configuration Experts can help your business to set up such as:



Business Management Functions

  • Business units
  • Users
  • Teams
  • Security privileges and roles
  • System Settings
  • Multilingual User Interface Language Packs
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Multiple Organizations 

 Customize System Components

  • Forms
  • Views
  • Entities
  • Attributes
  • Relationships
  • Entity Mappings

Configuring Security

  • Privileges
  • Access Levels
  • Roles
  • Creating roles in business units
  • Assigning roles to users
  • Resolution of conflicting privileges
  • Copying roles
  • Security Best Practices

Configure Users and Teams

  • User Manager Wizard
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Management
  • Restricted Access Mode
  • Team Management

Configure System Settings

  • Configuring Auto Numbering
  • Configuring Fiscal Year Settings
  • Configuring the web.config file

Configuration Management

  • Server Manager
  • Reconfigure Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 to use a new database server
  • License Manager
  • Upgrade Trial Licenses
  • Add additional client access licenses
  • Customization Transport Manager
  • Export and import of an XML configuration file
  • Environmental Diagnostic Wizard

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Design Focus
  • Levels of Customization
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization Architecture
  • Use of Supported Methods
  • Available Customizations

Custom Entities

  • Value of Custom Entities
  • Custom entities and System Entities
  • Planning a Custom Entity
  • Ownership Type
  • Entity Relationships
  • Relationship Behavior
  • Supported Relationships
  • Entity Security and Customizations
  • Working With Custom Entities
  • Configuring a Custom Entity
  • Default Entity Attributes and Features
  • Entity Icons
  • Deleting a Custom Entity
  • Defining Relationships
  • Entity Mapping
  • Add Mappings

Workflow and Sales Processes Customization 

  • Workflow Rules
  • Workflow Actions
  • Activity Creation Actions
  • Object Update Actions
  • Flow Control Actions
  • Dynamic Text in Workflow
  • Dynamic Values in Workflow
  • Workflow Conditions
  • Sales Processes
  • Importing and Exporting Workflow Rules

Report Customization 

  • Reporting and CRM
  • Transition to SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting
  • Excel Reports
  • Reporting Services Report Designer
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pre-Filtering  

Advanced CRM Customization

  • Application Event Programming
  • Client Extensions
  • Workflow
  • SiteMap
  • URL Addressable Forms
  • IFrames
  • SDK

Other customizations may include: 

  • Displaying Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 4.0 business data in SharePoint
  • Setting up dynamic business data feeds
  • Custom entities that track industry specific data
  • Custom reports that analyze data and identify trends
  • Integrate other applications with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application
  • Custom development projects that further enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Whatever your customization requirements may be, we have Microsoft Certified Professional experts, with a wealth of customization experience, ready to assist with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration Consultants have configured and customized numerous Dynamics CRM Servers and know where to find the pitfalls before they find you. Call at 877-MCC-4CRM and speak with our MS Dynamics CRM Customization Specialists about how your business can customize its CRM application.