After a lead becomes a customer the next challenge is keeping them happy and quickly solving problems.  A key component to quickly solving problems is appropriately managing case data.  Email and spreadsheets work fine when a limited number of people need access to data, however when multiple people need to access it just won't work. Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM Version 4.0 provides a case management structure that ties directly back to customers.  

  § Respond faster to service issues by delivering the right answers to customers in real-
§ Knowledge base for instant access to manuals, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips.

  § Resolve customer issues according to desired service levels.  

  § Automatic case escalation ensures SLA’s are maintained.

  § Schedule and dispatch service resources. 


In addition to out-of-the box functionality, service functionality can be improved with third party applications and custom development:

  § Convert emails (ex: into a support request.

  § Integrate your external website with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 4.0 to receive online
              support inquiries.

  § Strip attachments out of email and save to a specified server location.