Depend on our expertise to plan and design the hardware configuration specific to your company’s requirements for your Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 4.0 implementation. Planning your deployment will include analysis of your existing hardware and software to determine what can be used and what must be purchased to successfully implement your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 system. An implementation’s hardware configuration depends on its unique set of system and business requirements.

Significant deployment considerations include business transaction volume and the number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM users in the organization. Additionally we can design a solution for single offices or multiple sites.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hardware Configuration Requirements Planning Conulting Firm

MS Dynamics CRM Hardware Configuration Planning Phase Tasks

Assessing Your Application Performance Objectives

At this stage in capacity planning, Our CRM Hardware Configuration Requirements Experts will gather information about:

  • Number of servers involved and how they are configured.
  • Level of activity expected on your server
  • Anticipated number of users
  • Number of requests
  • Acceptable response time
  • Preferred hardware configuration
  • Dependency of Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynammics CRM with the Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Whether or not you already have Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services installed.
  • Performance of your servers and the local area network.
  • Focus on maximum performance requirements and
  • Set measurable objectives for capacity.
Calculate Hardware Requirements

Our certified CRM Hardware Configuration Experts will evaluate the complexity of your application, comparing it to one or more of the applications and will also consider what throughput is required for your application. As we design your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hardware Configuration Plan, you will review the reports to ensure they will meet your needs.

About our MS CRM Hardware Configuration Planning Professionals

When you engage with our CRM Hardware Configuration Specialists for your CRM needs, you get a pool of seasoned Microsoft Certified Dynamics CRM Experts who have acquired vast experience in effectively planning, installing, managing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Servers. Contact us today and let’s start designing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.