Managing customer data is a blessing and a curse.  When done right it is an incredibly powerful tool that enables you to provide personalized service.  More often than not, customer data becomes bloated, old and generally useless. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides a clear structure with data integrity rules that keeps data clean and manageable.  

  § Instant access to complete customer information.

  § Single view of each customer that includes contacts, quotes, and marketing activities.

  § Target marketing efforts by searching on specific data segments.

  § Analytic tools including data mining and business intelligence capabilities.

  § Create templates for successful campaigns.  


In addition to out-of-the box functionality, marketing functionality can be improved with third party applications and custom development:

  § Use custom fields during mail merge.

  § Manage a system wide calendar complete with tasks and activities.  

  § Access data on the road via smart phones.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Campaigns Features


Manage Campaigns Better

Manage the campaign life cycle

Defines tasks, activities, and marketing materials fo the entire campaign life cycle. Create budgets and define follow-up activities for respondents and non-respondents.

Enhance Brand value

Collaborate across teams and business units to maintain and enhance the consistency of your brand.

Work in a familiar user interface

Automatically synchronize e-mail messages, tasks and contact details through seamless integration between Office Outlook
2007 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Quickly create and send communications using Office Word 2007 Mail Merge, and manage mail merge templates from anywhere in the world through a Web-based interface.

Track responses

Drive closed-loop campaign execution by tracking responses to every campaign activity. Convert e-mail responses to leads or opportunities,
qualify leads, and do much more with just a few clicks.

Monitor results

Generate detailed real-time performance reports that track key performance factors including return on investment, response rates, and cost
per response.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Campaign

Launch Campaigns Quickly

Plan and execute campaigns

Use predefined system templates for future re-use in campaigns, or create new campaigns from scratch. Schedule campaign activities to be performed immediately or at specific times in the future, and launch campaigns anywhere in the world with strong multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities.

Communicate clearly

Create professional-looking e-mail templates and effortlessly launch mail-merge-based communications. Intelligently convert
e-mails into contacts, leads, and opportunities automatically according to rules you set up.

Define activities

Choose activities for a campaign, such as e-mail messages, phone calls, faxes, or meetings, and assign them to appropriate people.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Experts You Can Trust

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