In today's fast-paced world people are often on the go and need access to customer data when they are not in front of the computer.  Microsoft has addressed this problem by creating Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM Version 4.0 Mobile Express, which enables users to instantly view, create, and modify data on any Internet-capable device.  An added benefit is that users do not have to install software on their device; they connect via a web browser.  


Key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express include:

 § Works on any mobile device with a web browser
 § Full access to sales, marketing and service functionality

 § Real-time access to customer data

 § Easy to configure and manage

 § Fully customizable

 § Multiple language support


When accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express, users will be presented with a list of entities.




Mobile users will be able to drill into a specific account and map directions to their address.