MS Dynamics CRM Training Firm Our Microsoft Certified Professionals will provide your Microsoft Dynamics CRM users with on-site group and individual training, including a customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Training Guide complete with screen captures and example scenarios. Training will include detailed reviews of the Sales, Marketing and Service Modules, as applicable.  Additionally, Administrator training will be provided to select users in your company to ensure that you have the skills to successfully manage your new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

During a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation project, training occurs just prior to the system going live.  Even if you do not engage us to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization, feel free to engage us for training.  After implementing an expensive software solution, the quickest way to user adoption is knowing how to use the application. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM End User Adimistration Training

Microsoft CRM End User Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM end user training is a training course designed to provide Microsoft CRM end users with basic knowledge to use the software with confidence in their daily tasks. To get the most from the Microsoft CRM training course it is important for each student to be competent in using Microsoft Windows and Office applications. This course can be taught on-site.

Topics Covered
  • Accounts/Contacts
  • Activities
  • Sales Functions
  • Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Administration Training

This training course, Administration in Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0, provides students with the necessary techniques to plan, develop, apply, and examine administrative tasks within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Audience This course is intended for people who plan to install, implement, configure, or support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The course is intended for administrators, implementers, developers, and consultants who need to understand the technical aspects and administrative functionality of  Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This training is not intended for non-technical staff.

Topics Covered
  • Configuring the Organizational Structure
  • Configuring Security
  • Configuring Users and Teams
  • Configuring System Settings
  • Change Management
  • Report Customizations
  • Performance and Maintenance
  • Advanced Find

Microsoft Dynamics CRM End User Administrator Training Firm