Microsoft Open License is a Volume Licensing program that provides a simple, flexible and cost-effective way to buy the latest Microsoft technology for small to midsize organizations.

Open Value
The Open Value program is a three year agreement that lets you pay a predictable annual fee for licenses over three years or purchase licenses outright. Open Value is available either on a subscription basis (when an enterprise product is also being purchased company-wide), or a perpetual license, where licenses are either purchased company-wide, or non-company-wide. Open Value provides small and midsize organizations with simpler license tracking and the ability to control their costs and upgrade cycles.

Open Business
The Open Business program is a two-year agreement that enables you to save on estimated retail prices by placing an initial order for five or more licenses or one server license. Customers can combine any set of Microsoft software to qualify for the five license minimum. This minimum license requirement is fulfilled with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Workgroups edition, given that there are five licenses in the bundle. Payment for licenses under the Open Business agreement is made with a single purchase.