Microsoft® Financing helps solve business challenges.  Currently a 0% 3-year financing special is available from Microsoft when at least $20,000 in software licensing is acquired.  Financing for our services can also be added at this same low rate as part of this special.

Approvals are generally made the same business day with almost zero paperwork.  What follows are the key facts:

  • Funds can be used for software, services, and hardware as long as there’s at least one Microsoft component in the contract.
  • You can use the software as long as you need to, based on payment terms.
  • There are no additional charges at the end of the agreement unless specified.
  • Until fully paid for, the software and hardware are collateral.
  • Interest rates are competitive and based on the term and size of the contract. Microsoft does not use this as a profit center, but as a way to increase software license sales.
  • Payment terms are available in 24- to 60-month increments, depending on the program.
  • Most programs do not require a down payment.
  • Microsoft Financing will work directly with you to customize your payments

The ability to invest in IT solutions can be the difference in whether your company maintains or loses its competitive edge. Whether you’re looking for a software-centric solution or one that integrates software, services and hardware, we’ve simplified IT acquisition and made it more affordable. Predictable payment options customized to fit your A/P cycle and budget enable your company to update its technology more frequently, as well as free up your corporate lines for other investments. In short, Microsoft® Financing makes smart business sense, shifting your focus from, “How will we pay for it?” to, “What do we need?”

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